Grandpa loss – Condolences Loving Care Gift Box – Warmth & Healing


Acceptance, courage, and comfort: these are just a few of the benefits inspired by natural Australian botanical oils in this unique Warmth & Healing sympathy gift box.

The Grandpa Loss – Condolences Loving Care Gift Box – Warmth & Healing includes:

  • Lush Natural Lemon Myrtle & Jarrah hand and body cream
  • Wonderous Orange & Clove bath bomb (100% natural)
  • Kissable vanilla lip balm
  • Goodbye Grandpa – 97 pages (for parents and children 5+)
  • (Free gift box and beautiful hamper-style presentation.)

Not all families are lucky enough to be surrounded by those who can guide them through dealing with the death of their grandpa.

Fortunately, inside the Goodbye Grandpa book, age-appropriate photos and illustrations gently walk children through the news of grandpa’s passing, the funeral and what comes next.

Altogether, this sympathy gift is like an invaluable grief companion offering a pathway to healthy grief recovery by helping the parents and children to:

  • Make sense of grandpa’s death.
  • Create a loving, self-care, grief routine with gorgeous products infused with natural essential oils.
  • Draw strength and courage from loving memories of grandpa.
  • Openly express their feelings about losing grandpa.
  • Find peace and comfort, knowing loving memories will always keep them connected to grandpa.
  • Discover ways to honour grandpa’s memory while making a healthy grief recovery.

Finally, there’s a sympathy gift to help a family mourning the loss of grandpa find their path forward while feeling comforted and cared for.


Grandpa loss Condolences Loving Care Gift Box – Warmth & Healing offers three lush self-care products infused with delightful natural Australian botanical oils and 100% pure essential oils. Along with the Goodbye Grandpa book, the lush self-care products combine to help a family feel nurtured, comforted and cared for while grieving their grandpa’s death.

Goodbye Grandpa by Denise Gibb

This book is the ideal sympathy gift for parents with young children dealing with grief and loss. Age-appropriate photos and illustrations help parents gently announce grandpa’s death, prepare children for what comes next, and discover healthy ways to grieve as a family.

Lush Natural Lemon Myrtle & Jarrah hand and body cream

Handmade with love, the Natural Lemon Myrtle & Jarrah hand and body cream is rich in rejuvenating Australian botanicals oil, giving it an ultra-nourishing texture that is quickly absorbed, leaving nothing but soft, supple skin. When massaging the cream into hands or the body, it releases a fresh lemon scent with a warm undertone. This gentle fragrance is designed to evoke loving memories along with soulful healing energy.

Warmth & Healing Orange and Clove bath bomb – 100% natural ingredients

The Warmth & Healing Orange and Clove bath bomb is the perfect way to calm the senses and uplift spirits. Made from all-natural ingredients and pure essential oils, this artisan-crafted bath bomb adds relaxation and tranquillity to a self-care bath or spa routine.

Hydrating lip balm

This creamy balm enriches lips with kissable vanilla softness. Handmade with pure ingredients, this balm calms, soothes and rehydrates dry and stressed lips.

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