Grandma Loss – Book and Rose Quartz Healing Heart Gift


Harness the healing power of love to comfort children dealing with grandma’s death.

Finding the words to tell children grandma died is challenging for many parents. Fortunately, inside the book, Goodbye Grandma, age-appropriate photos and illustrations gently explain grandma’s death and what to expect next. By holding the Healing Heart crystal, children can be encouraged to draw on happy memories of grandma to ease their heartbreak.

Altogether the book and rose quartz Healing Heart offer a pathway to healthy grief recovery by helping parents help children to:

  • Create a healing ritual by using the rose quartz Healing Heart to draw strength and courage from loving memories of grandma.
  • Openly express their feelings about losing grandma.
  • Find peace and comfort, knowing loving memories will always keep them connected to grandma.
  • Discover ways to honour grandma’s memory while making a healthy grief recovery.

Take comfort; this gift will be like a shoulder to cry on, offering guidance, comfort and support for parents and children mourning grandma.

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