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The Sympathy Gift Series: Pet Loss Books & Gifts

Gift for someone that lost a pet cat or dog

Whether you are dealing with the heartbreak of pet loss,  the passing of a grandparent or the devastating loss of a loved one, the Sympathy Gift Series of books offers a unique and uplifting insight into making a healthy grief recovery. 

Understanding pet loss grief

After receiving the news of a death in a family, many people deliver food for the bereaved, purchase a sympathy gift, offer to help, and do their best to comfort those grieving. But what if the deceased is a pet?

Talk to those who have lost a much-loved dog or cherished cat and they’ll tell you the heartache was worse than losing a human relative. Yet, needing time out to grieve the death of a pet can raise a critical eyebrow. Many view mourning a pet’s death as an emotional weakness or an overreaction. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

Gifts for grieving pet owners

Studies have found social support is critical when mourning the loss of a beloved pet. Yet many trying to offer the bereaved comfort find talking about pet death awkward and confronting. That is where a copy of Last Woof and Last Purr can help.

Filled with beautiful photographs and heartfelt affirmations, Last Woof and Last Purr make thoughtful pet condolence gifts. Both pictures and words combine to gently encourage the bereaved cat or dog fur baby parent to recall happy pet memories from which they can draw strength to deal with their loss.

Last Woof

Last Woof is the perfect grief recovery book for anyone processing the loss of their much-loved dog. Filled with uplifting photos and positive affirmations each page comes as a ‘last woof’; a reminder to focus on all the happy moments and delightful insights about living life dogs impart. Be a true friend. Give a sympathy gift that sparks happiness to heal sadness.

Last Purr

Last Purr is the ultimate grief recovery book for anyone bereaved by the death of their cherished cat. Filled with uplifting photos and positive affirmations each page comes as a ‘last purr’; a gentle reminder to focus on the happy moments and prudent insights cats impart. Be the perfect friend who sparks happiness to heal sadness.

How to double your pet sympathy gift comfort

In addition to showing how much you care by giving a copy of Last Woof or Last Purr as a pet condolence gift, you can:

Listen with empathy

Allow the bereaved fur baby mom or dad to talk about their loss without passing judgement. Your empathy and kindness will offer much comfort and promote a healthy grief recovery.

Generate an Insta story

Encourage the bereaved fur baby mom or dad to create an Instagram story featuring all their favorite pet photos. Not only will the picture bring happy memories to the fore, but they’ll help others understand why the cat or dog was loved so much.

Plan a pet service

Offer to hold a pet service morning tea, luncheon or barbecue in honor of the departed pet. Being surrounds by the love and support of family and friends will validate the fur baby parent’s feelings and being a healthy grief recovery.

Encourage letting go

Check-in with the bereaved fur baby parent regularly and ask what the best part of their day was. If you notice their pet’s bedding, bowls and toys are still in place, offer to help wash and pack them away. Sometimes, all it takes is a caring friend to begin the letting go process. 

Looking for books to show someone your support during a difficult time?

Our Sympathy Gift Series books are the perfect way to help someone cope with grief and loss. Each book is filled with uplifting photographs and inspiring quotes, giving your loved one the strength they need to get through this difficult time.

With our heartfelt messages, you can provide them with the comfort they need to carry on.

Front cover of Healing From Grief by Denise Gibb

Healing From Grief

Front cover of the book Last Woof by Denise Gibb

Last Woof

Front cover of the book Last Purr by Denise Gibb

Last Purr

Front cover of the book Goodbye Grandma by Denise Gibb

Goodbye Grandma

Front cover of the book Goodbye Grandpa by Denise Gibb

Goodbye Grandpa

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