Sympathy Gift Series

The Sympathy Gift Series: Healing From Grief

Recovering from grief

Whether you are healing from grief after a devastating loss of a loved one, the death of a grandparent or the heartbreak of pet loss, the Sympathy Gift Series of books offers a unique and uplifting insight into protecting happy while you heal sad.

​What does healthy grief look like?

Until recently, the Kubler-Ross grief model was the road map for mourning. That is, where friends and family measure the bereaved’s every tear and angry outburst against the five-stages of grief—denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. But modern psychology believes the Kubler-Ross model, along with other theories that suggest grief is a linear process, is outdated.

Healing From Grief prescribes to modern thinking about grief recovery.

Keep departed loved ones present and absent

There is no longer the push to sever bonds with a departed loved ones or ‘let go’ to ‘recover’ and get ‘closure’. So rather than saying ‘goodbye’ more modern methods encourage the bereaved to view their departed love one as present yet absent. (Read more.)

Each page within Healing From Grief encourages the bereaved to have faith their departed loved one is present in spirit but absent in body. Therefore, a departed one’s love is still available as a source of inspiration to bring about healthy grief recovery. So, together with beautiful photographs and heartfelt affirmations, Healing From Grief inspires the bereaved with the strength, courage and hope to move forward, process their sorrow and rebuild their life.

Sympathy Gift Series to show how much you care

As a condolence gift, Healing From Grief gives you peace of mind that you’re helping a bereaved family member or friend make a healthy grief recovery by offering:

  • words of comfort and courage when grief threatens to overwhelm,
  • affirmations that offer insight, wisdom and healing,
  • belief that love survives beyond the physical body and can be the source of inspiration and strength to reinvent yourself, and
  • hope that new happiness is possible.
Front cover of Healing From Grief by Denise Gibb

Healing from Grief: Grief Recovery Handbook

The Sympathy Gift Series

Healing from Grief 

Healing from Grief is the ideal book for anyone grieving the loss of a loved one. Filled with uplifting healing affirmations and heartfelt pictures, this book draws on the power of positive memories to heal grief. Show how much you care. Be the one who brings the gift of happiness to heal sadness.

Rebuilding life after death

Building a new life after the death of a loved one takes courage and time. Moving past the initial devastation and heartache is hard. While you may feel you won’t cope, you will. And as many travellers on grief’s road will attest, arriving at new happiness is possible.

Have faith that the strength and courage you need to make a healthy recovery comes from within. However, the key is loving support from family, friends and the dearly departed. You’re not alone in your time of sorrow.

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