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The Sympathy Gift Series: Grief Gift Sets

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Wondering what to give someone who’s grieving?

Our unique grief gift sets are an excellent way to show your support and empathy for someone who has lost a loved one.

Each self-care grief set helps those grieving focus on maintaining mind and body wellness after losing a loved one or cherished pet.

At the centre of each self-care grief set is one of five books from the Sympathy Gift Series: Healing From Grief, Last Woof, Last Pur, Goodbye Grandma and Goodbye Grandpa.

So the idea is to choose the book title most suited to your loss and then match it with options for beautiful grief healing aromatherapy body and spa products.

7 self-care sympathy gift ideas

Whether you’re looking for something small and affordable or luxurious and pampering, we’ve got the perfect, thoughtful self-care gift ideas here.

Aromatherapy for grief

Aromatherapy is a beautiful tool for managing grief. Our Warmth and Healing and Consoling grief gift set choices contain body and spa items imbued with pure essential oils known to help relax the mind, relieve the body of stress and improve sleep quality.

Learn more about our all-natural aromatherapy products in our unique sympathy gift range.

Bath bombs for grief

Encouraging those mourning to take a long luxurious bath creates a grief ritual that provides a much-needed break from stress. So why not take their bath time relaxation up a notch by adding a soothing aromatherapy bath bomb?

Besides filling the air with soothing aromatherapy properties, bath bombs also help to moisturise the skin and nurture the soul.

Orange and clove (Warmth and Healing Gift Set options)

Made with all-natural ingredients and pure orange and clove essential oils, this restorative aromatic bath bomb delivers healing, relaxing, and soulful comfort at bath time. Perfect for anyone grieving the loss of a loved one or cherished pet.

Rose Geranium (Consoling Gift Set options)

This all-natural bath bomb relieves tension, anxiety, and stress by releasing a gorgeous rose-scented aroma. Just perfect for those grieving the loss of a loved one or beloved pet.  

Hand and body cream for grief

During great sorrow and grief, those mourning often neglect to nurture themselves. That’s where our unique self-care sympathy gifts help.

Lemon Myrtle & Jarrah (Warmth and Healing Grief Set options)

Imbued with delightful all-natural Australian native botanical oils, this uplifting, ultra-nourishing cream quickly absorbs, leaving nothing but soft, supple skin. And like a filter of ancient wisdom, the fresh, uplifting lemon myrtle aroma eases sadness and depression.

Rejuvenating Rosewater (Consoling Grief Set options)

Rich in rejuvenating all-natural rose essential oil, this heavenly floral scent is as uplifting as ultra-nourishing. The perfect heavenly floral scent to help heal grief.

Lip balm for grief

Formulated with natural oils, soothing vanilla, restorative beeswax, cocoa butter, and vitamin E, this nourishing lip balm moisturises, protects and conditions dry lips.



Warm Hugs essential oil for grief

Warm Hugs is a unique blend of all-natural essential oils. With soulful notes of warmth offset by spicy, clean hints of Frankincense, this doTERRA aromatherapy oil blend delivers a sense of peace, comfort and calm as it’s glorious scent hugs those grieving. It is packaged in a convenient roller bottle, perfect for dabbing on the wrists and gently inhaling whenever a comforting hug is needed.

Crystal therapy for grief

Traditionally the stone of unconditional love, healing, and inner peace, this beautiful rose quartz heart is a token the bereaved can hold close to remind themselves that their departed one’s love transcends the physical.

How to give a sympathy gift

Giving someone a small grief gift can be an opportunity to show your support and empathy. If they’re not ready for conversation, it’s okay – just give them some time. Support doesn’t always need words; sometimes, simply being there is most helpful.

If you’re not sure what to say when presenting your grief gift, start with something simple like, “I’m so sorry for your loss.”

If the person wants to talk, let them lead the conversation. Listen without judgment and avoid offering advice unless asked. Sometimes those grieving just need to be heard.

Choose your Grief Gift Set

Shop for the perfect self-care Grief Gift Set now.

ABOUT the Sympathy Gift Series Grief Gift Set

The Sympathy Gift Series Grief Gift Sets are proudly Australian made. We aim to promote healthy grief recovery by providing sympathy gifts that encourage bereaved loved ones to find strength, courage and hope until new happiness returns.





Looking for books to show someone your support during a difficult time?

Our Sympathy Gift Series books are the perfect way to help someone cope with grief and loss. Each book is filled with uplifting photographs and inspiring quotes, giving your loved one the strength they need to get through this difficult time.

With our heartfelt messages, you can provide them with the comfort they need to carry on.

Front cover of Healing From Grief by Denise Gibb

Healing From Grief

Front cover of the book Last Woof by Denise Gibb

Last Woof

Front cover of the book Last Purr by Denise Gibb

Last Purr

Front cover of the book Goodbye Grandma by Denise Gibb

Goodbye Grandma

Front cover of the book Goodbye Grandpa by Denise Gibb

Goodbye Grandpa

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