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The Sympathy Gift Series: Grief Gift Sets

Grief Gift Sets

Sending one of our Sympathy Gift Series Grief Gift Sets as a condolence gift is a sincere way to let loved ones know you care and are thinking of them during a difficult time.

Sympathy gift for a loss

Whether you have friends, family, or coworkers dealing with a devastating loss, death of a grandparent or the passing of a pet, you’ll discover the perfect Grief Gift Set to express your heartfelt condolences.

Healthy grief recovery

Within each Grief Gift Set, is a beautiful book from the Sympathy Gift Series, healing Warms Hugs essential oil (5 ml roll-on), a comforting rose quartz heart (25mm) and an inspirational affirmation card.  Together these items work to help bereaved loved ones find strength, courage and hope until new happiness returns.

Give a sympathy gift that encourages a healthy grief recovery. 

What to say when someone dies

If you’re not sure what say when someone dies, it’s perfectly acceptable to show how much you care by arriving with or sending a sympathy gift.  Either way, your present provides a gentle conversation point with which you can say, ‘Sorry for your loss’.

Choose your Grief Gift Set

Review our Grief Gift Set and choose the one that best extends your sympathy.

Grief Gift Set Overview

Give your heartfelt condolences with a sympathy gift the bereaved will remember long after funeral flowers wilt.


  • Healing From Grief, Last Woof, Last Purr, Goodbye Grandma or Goodbye Grandpa book
  • Rose Quartz Heart comfort gem
  • Warm Hugs essential oil
  • Affirmation card
  • Gift box

Along with promoting a healthy grief recovery, this condolence gift reassures the bereaved they’re loved and not alone in their grief.

Show how much you care.  Give a unique sympathy gift that continues to give comfort long after your condolence visit is over.


Healing From Grief, Last Woof, Last Purr, Goodbye Grandma or Goodbye Grandpa book by Denise Gibb.

Ideal sympathy gift books for anyone grieving the death of a beloved spouse, partner, family member, child, friend. dog, cat, Grandma or Grandpa. Uplifting affirmations and heartfelt pictures inspire strength, courage, and hope during the grief recovery journey.

Rose Quartz heart Comfort gem

Traditionally the stone of unconditional love, healing, and inner peace this beautiful rose quartz heart is a token the bereaved can hold close to remind themselves their departed one’s love transcends the physical.

Warm Hugs essential oil

Made from exquisite doTERRA oils, our Warm Hugs grief healing essential oil is for the bereaved to dab on both wrists and inhale whenever sadness threatens to overwhelm. (Ingredients: doTERRA Console, doTERRA Frankincense, doTERRA Bergamont, Fractionated Coconut Oil.)

Love transcends the physical affirmation card

A beautiful reminder that love transcends the physical and to draw on the power of love to heal grief.

Gift box

No need to gift wrap the Sympathy Gift Series Grief Gift Set box. Featuring a contemporary memorial design, this Australian made box is stylish and strong. Ships in a gorgeous pink weather-resistant mailbag.

ABOUT the Sympathy Gift Series Grief Gift Set

The Sympathy Gift Series Grief Gift Sets are proudly Australian made. We aim to promote healthy grief recovery by providing sympathy gifts that encourage bereaved loved ones to find strength, courage and hope until new happiness returns.





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