About the Sympathy Gift Series

The death of a loved one, loss of a pet, job, home or marriage, are all life-altering events. Some people only experience two or three significant losses during their lifetime. Others more. But one thing is for sure, dealing with loss takes time. Processing grief takes help.

When dealing with loss, support arrives in different forms. Take the medical care of a doctor or the empathy of a grief counsellor. Each plays a vital role in ensuring a healthy passage through grief. Likewise, the love from friends and family provides hope, reassurance and comfort during dark days. But there is another kind of help—one that rests deep within us.

When loved ones and pets depart the physical world, they leave within our hearts, a trove of happy memories. And within each treasured memory lives a spark of happiness. The challenge is finding the strength to release these sparks of joy while grieving. That’s where The Sympathy Gift Series can help.

Each title within The Sympathy Gift Series is a grief relief handbook. Beautiful photographs and heartfelt words combine to trigger happy memories. Over time, these continual sparks of joy, no matter how small, bring about healing from loss. That’s why our tag line is ‘bringing you happy while you heal sad’.

Our mission is to assist healing from within by helping you to unlock the power of happy.

About Denise Gibb 

I’m an author whose professional writing draws from a diverse creative, business and health background.   

I’ve written with Australia’s most trusted psychic medium, Mitchell Coombes, to co-create bestselling titles like Sensing Spirit and Signs from Spirit. 

When working for ABC TV (Australia) I wrote Talking in the Streets – a tenpart radio drama awarded a gold medal at the New York Festivals. 

From print, radio and television through to digital media, I’ve written books, training resources, health and wellbeing articles, advertisements, digital content and more. 

Similarly, my unique personal insight into life after death, balancing success with failure and life with loss led to me create The Sympathy Gift Series.

“My desire is to help people use the energy of happy to heal sad.”

My belief is that true and kind words have the power to heal. 

live in Australia with my adored partner.  

About Julie Rick 

I’m a digital content designer whose professional experience draws from both a creative and commercial background.   

My first job in graphic design involved designing newspaper advertisements.  Years later,  I created leadingedge eLearning content to help empower disenfranchised youth.  

With over a decade of experience running my successful print and web design business, I have designed and produced books, training resources,  eLearning programs, advertisements, digital content and more. 

I am the co-founder of The Sympathy Gift Series.  I bring a unique understanding of balancing business with life, motherhood with letting go, and loss with all the falls in between. 

I live in Australia with my wonderful husband. 

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